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Model No.: WWL-LSG
Product Origin: China
Brand Name: SHEKONIC
Price Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
Payment Terms: T/T 30% deposit, tde balance before shipment
Supply Ability: 100pcs/montd
Minimum Order: 1pcs
Delivery Lead Time: 4 - 8 weeks
Certification(s): ISO9001

This series is large power linear-regulated 0 ~ (800V-50kV, 0-200A, 6kW-400kW), over 200 models available. Low ripple and noise have protections, easy front-panel, and high reliability, have 232 interface (option), for spiry aging and testing, supplied at a just price.

1) Over 200 models available
2) Range: 0 - (800V - 50kV), 0 - (0 - 200A), 0 - (6kW - 400kW) optional
3) Automatically exchanges between constant voltage mode and constant current mode
4) Low ripple and noise rate
5) Fast response
6) Constant current can be checked or set during operation
7) Low input current, high reliability, higher efficiency and less line distortion due to the choke input circuit
8) Over voltage protection unit (OVP) is equipped as standard
9) Output on/off switch
10) Remote sensing terminals option
11) Operating status is indicated by LED
12) External analog control option
13) 16 bit D/A card for PC ISA (optional)
14) Typical applications: semiconductor capital equipment, vacuum-processing equipment, including magnetron sputtering, ion/electron beam sources, medical imaging and therapeutic devices, analytical instrumentation for drug discovery technology and particle accelerator

Technical characteristics:

1) Input voltage: power source voltage can be changed on requests
2) Custom-made specifications are available
3) The website specifications are only for your reference, the actual specificities depends on attached specifications
4) Shuanghong operates a policy of continuous development and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice

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